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Should listening to Music be allowed during class?

Not all people can focus on working while listening to music but some people actually find it easy to concentrate, memorize things and keep working on a task with its aid. Moreover, music also has been used for kids with ADD/ ADHD to keep them concentrated on a task without thinking of other things that will distract them. Some also see music as a tool to relieve stress and get away from distractions caused by problems such as social problems and family problems. However, teachers may doubt the use of gadgets such as IPODS inside the class because it may be used for cheating during quizzes or examinations. So should listening to music be allowed during class?


Main reasons why music should be allowed

According to statistics, 79 percent of people who work while they listen to music say that they can improve their productivity and creativity. Furthermore, in the US alone ½ of their workers concentrate more and work efficiently because they listen to music. Students also may be distracted from thinking of fights with their friends, problems at home and others which may affect their learning but with the aid of music they can shake it off and concentrate more on learning. Actually, sources such as this state that different kinds of music gives way to various effects such as classical music contributes to increasing the mind’s concentration.

Research also shows that music helps develop children’s learning skills such as language discrimination, listening skills and the stimulation of the mind. Listening to music will also help in keeping the students silent because instead of them talking to their classmates about gossips and listening to noise during class activities they immerse themselves in what they are doing.

Although, listening to music has positive effects some may treat it as a possibility to make it into a negative like cheating with the use of the gadgets. But we cannot deny that music has various benefits in learning at school because of its power to boost concentration, minimize stress and develop learning skills. So to say we cannot really take off the negative aspect of things that is why we just need to control the outcome so that it will not cause harm. Therefore, it is possible to allow music during class as long as rules and or policies are set beforehand and should be strictly followed.